My name is Michael Contius. I am Pet-Fit’s independent Sales Manager for Germany and have been successfully marketing a healthy, natural and species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats together with Pet-Fit, my Pet-Fit team partners and Pet-Fit customers since 2006.


Wouldn’t it be nice if dogs and cats had a natural diet again, as they did in earlier times? You can help us make this dream come true, and recommand our products and business opportunity. Everybody has the chance to commit themselves to this aim.


Feel free to request our >> non-binding information pack. We look forward to getting to know you.


Pet-Fit. Natural, nutritious, chemical-free.

Natural and chemical-free dog and cat food

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Pet-Fit specialises in >> species-appropriate food

for dogs and cats

  • A variety of products for the adjustment to a natural diet
  • A range of different meals for your four leggs friends
  • Treats
  • Chews
  • Other


Pet-Fit is expert in the field of specialised nutrition

  • Developed together with veterinarians
  • Pure (single protein) products for exclusion diets
  • Diets for sensitive stomachs
  • Exclusion diets

Let us offer you an individual consultation.

More and more people want to feed their dogs and cats in a natural, nutritious and chemical-free way.
As our premium-quality Pet-Fit animal food is always produced freshly, it cannot be bought in shops, only directly from us via word-of-mouth recommendation. With Pet-Fit, every pet lover has the chance to give their animal the healthy life they deserve.

You might ask yourself which products or product combinations are right for your pet. Contact us; >> we look forward to giving you advice – precisely tailored to the needs of your animal.